Exciting News Mega-update!

There has been so much happening recently at Mereworth, and we have compiled all the latest news into one giant ‘Mega Update’ for everyone to enjoy.

First up is the new trim trail equipment which will be installed in the coming weeks, which was voted for the school council! When it is installed, pictures will be up for you to see.

We raised an amazing amount for our Sponsored Walk, with certificates given out across the school. The total we raised was………

Our very own Mrs Mayhew and Mrs B-B finished their amazing walk in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research in just over 10 hours! It was hard work, but here they are at the finishing line! Congratulations!

We also had our Outdoor Learning Day on the 21st of June! We spent all day outside doing lots and lots of activities, such as shelter making, pond dipping, pebble painting, wood jewellery making, archery and more! It was a very busy day and a video is incoming but for now have a look at these pictures from Year 2.

And last but not least we have Swattenden next week for our Year 6’s!


We’ve had a very busy time these last few weeks, so thank you to everyone that has helped and made it all possible (especially with the Make a Difference day and the Sponsored Walk)!