Global Awareness

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Here you will find information about all our different events to do with global awareness.

UN Conference Nov. 2015

Our Final Conference!

Our reports will be coming soon!

Water Exhibition – Greenwich nr. O2

Children from Mereworth recently visited Invicta Girls’ Grammar School for our first UN meeting. Eight year 6 pupils, representing USA, China, India, and Russia met with pupils from Invicta and other primary schools and started by researching their countries and sharing information.

Each team then researched water in their country answering questions about water such as access to water, sanitation, natural disasters, drought, etc.

After about 20 minutes of teamwork and research, each “country” shared their findings. Farah spoke on behalf of the USA, Georgia shared her findings on China, and Emily spoke about India.

Other members who attended the conference were Kitty-Blue (for China), Harvey (for India with Emily), Annabel (the USA’s second ambassador), and Freya and Darcie who both represented Russia.