Harvest Festival October 2018

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We would like to invite you to join us at our HARVEST CELEBRATION 2018.
This will take place in the school hall on Friday 19th October at 1.45pm.

The Reverend Dickin will be joining us and the children will be sharing their Harvest learning as well as performing a selection of songs and poems. We will be collecting food and other items that will be distributed by Mereworth Church to Pilsdon at Malling Community, and Kenward Trust – 2 local charitable organisations that support people in times of need.

Here is some information about both of these charitable organisations.

The Pilsdon at Malling Community is a Christian-based community which seeks to provide an environment where people can rebuild their lives after experiencing a crisis, whether sudden or progressive. We offer a safe home for those working through depression, alcoholism, addiction, divorce or bereavement. We also welcome people who wish to find time to reflect on their lives before making a change in direction or just want time out to live as part of a Community.


The Kenward Trust’s history dates back to 1968 when Ray and Violet Sinden decided to devote their lives to helping the marginalised and disadvantaged in our society.

They offered sanctuary and a hope for a better future, founded on their strong Christian faith. Since then we have grown and expanded across Kent and East Sussex so that we now have a national reputation for excellence in the field of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. We also now have projects that engage with ex-offenders, assisting their resettlement and providing practical support that will ensure improved prospects for breaking repeated cycles of re-offending.