History and Geography

History: Rememberance Day 2018

We had some pupils visit the local church this November to take part in a Rememberance Day activity, which was featured in the local paper. Read the article below!


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Curriculum Coverage for Geography

Geography Year 1

Year One Geography

In Geography the children have been looking at maps. We have specifically focused on maps of Mereworth and maps of the classroom. The children have been able to identify features of a map and have even had the chance to create their own map.

Year 6 Geography

Year 6 went on a trip to Horton Kirby centre to do a river study. Despite the weather, they had a fantastic time.

History Year 4

Year 4 have learnt all about the Ancient Romans; in Term 1 we spent our time finding out who the Ancient Romans were, where they came from and what life was like in the Roman Empire. In Term 2 we looked at the Roman invasion of Britain and the Boudicca’s revolt. Next term we will be concluding our learning about the Ancient Romans by looking at Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius.

As part of our learning  about the Ancient Romans we linked our Design and Technology topic and made our own roman mosaic coasters, ensuring that like the Ancient Romans we included 1 imperfect tile which they believed was important to avoid offending their Gods.

History Year 5

History Year 5

Year 5 have spent two terms learning about the vicious Vikings. We have studied Scandinavia, Viking lifestyle, beliefs and their invasions on Britain – we focused especially on the raids of Lindisfarne. We ended our Viking topic with a fantastic Viking day where we dressed up as Vikings, invaded Year 3, cooked a 3 course Viking meal and made Viking funeral boats.

Battle of Hastings Extra Curricular Day


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