Tegan’s Dance Club: A Report!

On Friday at lunchtimes, Tegan from Year 4 hosts a Dance Club for KS1. Click this post to read her report about it and see some wonderful pictures!

Year 1 and Year 3 Assemblies!

The wonderful performances produced by Year 1 and Year 3 are now available to watch via the classroom pages! Click this post for quick links to both pages.

Term 3 and 4 Presentation Video

We were definitely busy the last two terms, so take a look and click this post to watch the video!

Drama Dabblers: Romeo and Juliet!

Click this post to watch the whole performance of Romeo and Juliet as performed by the Drama Dabblers, guided by Mrs Randall and her daughter.

Fundraising for the Guide Dogs!

As a school we believe helping the community and other people is a vital part of growing and learning together. We have decided to try and sponsor puppies from the Guide Dogs, so click this post to find out more!

The Early Bird Mascot!

We have been busy designing some posters for the “Mereworth Early Bird Mascot”, and we have had SO MANY amazing posters! It has taken a while to choose the ones that will be put around the school to promote punctuality… click this post to see them below the cut!

Safer Internet Day: Let’s Stay Safe Online!

We had an assembly this week all about being safe on the internet! Click this post to find out more!

Mereworth Careers Day 22nd January 2016

We had a great day! Look at the video below to see all of the things we got up to!

Careers Day- A Resounding Success!

The Careers Day on the 22nd of January was a brilliant event! It was a wonderful day for everyone involved. To find out more click this post!

End of Term Presentation Video

We have done SO MUCH this term. Come and join us in our celebration of our wonderful Mereworth children and all of their hard work. Click the post to view the wonderful video!