Music at Mereworth


Music Lessons

As of September 2015 the following lessons are available at Mereworth Community School:

  • Guitar (Denise Greenwood: 07789 146 769)
  • Piano (Robert Lewin: 07751 780 028)
  • Saxophone (Music For Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Cornet (Music for Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Clarinet (Music for Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Flute (Music for Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Drumming (Cult Status:

Music at Mereworth

Music plays a very important role at Mereworth Community Primary School and we are proud of all the concerts and performances we give throughout the year.

Our events include:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Christmas Festival
  • Spring Concert
  • Mereworths Got Talent

We are also proud to be a singing school and as such are members of Sing UP – which we use in our weekly singing assemblies, and last year the MBC (Mereworth Boys Choir) was founded; a club which is continuing to grow in strength.

Year 4 is currently learning the Ukulele as part of the Sound Hub Government funding and in Year 6 the recorder is taught, and finally, Year 3 are learning the Djembe drums.

Spring Concert 2018

We had a fantastic Spring Concert this year, with it being split into two events. One for KS1, and the other for KS2. It was amazing to see all the singers, drummers, pianists, drummers and more take part and show off their hard work for the pupils and parents. They all worked incredibly hard and did an excellent job. Take a look at these pictures to see what’s going on!


We have just taken part in Voice in a Million, see our solo below!

Seniors Tea Party – Year 6 /Year 2 /Mereworth Boys Choir

Singing Assemblies

Drumming Workshop