Music at Mereworth


Music Lessons

As of September 2015 the following lessons are available at Mereworth Community School:

  • Guitar (Denise Greenwood: 07789 146 769)
  • Piano (Robert Lewin: 07751 780 028)
  • Saxophone (Music For Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Cornet (Music for Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Clarinet (Music for Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Flute (Music for Schools: 0845 375 2466)
  • Drumming (Cult Status:

Music at Mereworth

Music plays a very important role at Mereworth Community Primary School and we are proud of all the concerts and performances we give throughout the year.

Our events include:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Christmas Festival
  • Spring Concert
  • Mereworths Got Talent

We are also proud to be a singing school and as such are members of Sing UP – which we use in our weekly singing assemblies, and last year the MBC (Mereworth Boys Choir) was founded; a club which is continuing to grow in strength.

Year 4 is currently learning the Ukulele as part of the Sound Hub Government funding and in Year 6 the recorder is taught, and finally, Year 3 are learning the Djembe drums.

We have just taken part in Voice in a Million, see our solo below!

Seniors Tea Party – Year 6 /Year 2 /Mereworth Boys Choir

Singing Assemblies

Drumming Workshop