National Curriculum for Music

Music at Mereworth Community Primary School

Music plays an extremely important role at Mereworth and as well as being taught as a foundation subject in all year groups it also crosses into other areas of the curriculum. Weekly singing assemblies are held with the aid of Sing-UP and each year group has Sing UP monitors to oversee singing in the classroom. We are currently in the process of working towards the Silver sing- Up award to reflect the richness of music in our school.

As a foundation subject, children are involved in singing, listening and appraising music, playing instruments and composing their own music. We use a variety of resources including Charanga, which is an interactive online resource. Children are regularly given opportunities to perform in assemblies and at celebrations throughout the year including: Harvest, Christmas, class assemblies and celebration assemblies.

In Year 4 the children benefit from the Sound Hub funding, which is provided by the Government and they receive 5 terms of Ukulele teaching from a qualified music teacher. In Year 3 they have the opportunity to learn the Djembe drums and in Year 6 they are taught the recorder.

For our talented musicians and singers there are plenty of opportunities to perform and share their music with others, including the Christmas Concert, annual music extravaganza and Mereworth’s Got Talent show.

Opportunities at Mereworth

We currently have a boys’ choir (MBC) which currently has 20 members a girls’ choir and a KS1 choir. We are also currently taking part in Voice in A Million, which is a mixed choir of 34 and we will be performing on Tuesday 22nd November at The Woodville Halls Theatre with 8 other schools.

Instrument tuition

There are plenty of opportunities to learn an instrument at Mereworth.

We currently offer:

  • Drumming with Cult Status
  • Guitar with Denise Greenwood
  • Piano with Roger Lewin
  • Woodwind with Music For Schools
  • String lessons Jane Smith(New)
  • String Club Jane Smith(New for term 2)


Key Stage 1 and 2:
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