Rippledown 2015

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12/06/15- Final Day
We all enjoyed our visit from Egermon who told us wonderful stories around the campfire, and we joined in with the songs as he described his adventures with Alice the Camel, his time in the ‘dessert’ and his voyages with the pirates.
After a last chunk of free time outside, we settled down to bed with a chapter of Harry Potter, read by Mrs Booth.

11/06/15- Second Day
The children are all refreshed after a good night’s sleep and have tucked in to a hearty breakfast. There are a few jobs to do at the house first thing (making packed lunches, etc.) before we head off for our walk to the beach.
We’ve had a great second day at Rippledown, starting with a recap of map and compass skills before we headed off to test our navigation skills on a walk cross-country to the beach at Kingsdown. We all ate our packed lunch on the beach in a sheltered spot out of the wind, then were kitted out with buckets and nets to discover the creatures lurking in the rock pools revealed by the low tide. There was a range of different crabs, some small fish and shrimps – some were trickier to catch than others and needed careful handling! Mr Belcher even found a star fish which aren’t often spotted around here.
After a great afternoon we headed back to the house at Rippledown for a superb dinner, and will be heading outside again soon for our campfire.

10/06/15- First Day
We’ve arrived safely after an uneventful journey and the children have all unpacked and settled happily in to their rooms. We’ve had a safety talk so we al know what to do if we need to leave our rooms in the night, before enjoying our packed lunch in the sunshine in the old walled garden.
The children all played some games before heading off on a treasure hunt to explore the grounds more fully. Keep an eye out for more photos to come!
We’ve had a great afternoon enjoying various team building activities – following a blindfold trail through the woods, rolling the egg of an Ooh Ooh Bird to a new nest through tubing and avoiding the crocodiles in the chess board swamp!
We’ve had a delicious dinner and cleared our plates as we were so hungry after all the fresh air, and are relaxing before our evening activities.