School Action Plan

Focus Area 1 – The Health Project

This aims of this area are:

  • That staff and children will have resources and strategies to support their understanding of the importance of good mental health and know how to achieve a healthier mind and body (OFSTED Personal Development)
  • That the outside areas are maximised for learning opportunities that promotes wellbeing and learning across all year groups.
  • That the “Forest School” education is available for all year groups.
  • That the “Healthy Ambassadors” and the “Eco Committee” will help children understand the link between physical health, mental health and the community.
  • That relationships are formed with local companies to provide learning opportunities linked to wellness, mental health and food education.
  • That workshops and class assemblies will focus on mental and physical health.
  • That the school will provide education on wellbeing and the promotion of healthier lifestyles choices through food, exercise and mental health.
  • That the school systems will ensure that a healthy work-life balance is obtainable for staff. (OFSTED Personal Development)
  • That children will understand the relationship between a healthy mind and body.
  • That the school grounds will be used regularly by all classes as an additional resource.
  • That staff and pupils will know about their own mental health, strategies and how to selfregulate their emotions and have access to resources which aid this.
  • That staff workload will be manageable. The quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment will be consistent across the school with new and improved systems in place to ensure a love for learning and love of teaching.
  • That children and staff will recognise the relationship between mental health, physical health and its link to having a growth mind-set. (OFSTED Behaviour and Attitudes)

Focus Area 2 – Learning For Life

This aims of this area are:

  • To enure that “Blooms” higher order thinking skills will be embedded in planning for all subject areas and in marking feedback. Pupils will understand that activities are based on levels of challenge. Growth mindsets will be encouraged, praised and modelled by all staff and pupils across all school activities. (Ofsted Personal Development)
  • That staff, pupils and parents will understand and value the importance of recognising a wide range of intelligences and how everyone has different strengths in each of the areas of intelligence. This will lead to valuing different ways learning across the curriculum and how this links to the world of work and careers. (Ofsted Personal Development)
  • That staff will model, teach, praise and encourage positive attitudes in all aspects of school life. (Ofsted Behaviour and Attitudes)
  • That parents will be able to access more learning opportunities in school.
  • That children will understand the importance of challenge through activities based on higher order thinking skills – Blooms Taxonomy and how intelligence cannot be defined in simple terms of linguistic and mathematical intelligence. Understanding a range of intelligences, leads to a greater appreciation of learning and valuing learning across a range of subject areas. Pupils will have an understanding of their potential for learning linked to a wide range of intelligences. (Ofsted Personal Development)
  • That children will have more confidence and resilience when approaching a challenge and will see all aspects of school life as an opportunity to learn. (Ofsted Personal Development)
  • That children will better understand the way their behaviour impacts themselves and others around them. They will be taught how to communicate and understand their peers as well as encouraged to display positive behaviours, roles and responsibilities within the wider community. (Ofsted Behaviour and Attitudes)

Focus Area 3 – Our Curriculum

This aims of this area are:

  • To ensure we have a clear and well-defined curriculum vision and offer for the whole school that is ambitious and inclusive of all pupils needs.
  • That staff and governors are knowledgeable and confident about the expectations of the NEW Ofsted framework and the schools self-evaluation against all areas of the inspection framework is accurate, leading to clear actions.
  • That the school’s curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced. Each subject area has curriculum documentation including a Subject Progression of Skills and Knowledge and Assessment of Skills and Knowledge which enables learning to be acquired through highly sequenced learning activities. This enables pupils to retain, retrieve and use knowledge in the future; leading to high outcomes across all curriculum areas.
  • That children’s progress and attainment in all subject areas is of a high standard as reflected in national tests and attainment for each stage of learning. Pupils acquire new skills and knowledge that supports future learning.
  • That “Assessment for Learning” and “Assessment of Learning” used by staff within lessons and over time enables pupils to embed and use knowledge fluently. Children are able to confidently articulate their learning and knowledge acquired.
  • That pupils have a good knowledge and understanding of vocabulary in all subject areas as this supports their learning and attainment.
  • That pupil books are closely matched to their ability. The teaching of phonics and reading is rigorous and systematic. A love of reading is evident through pupil voice and outcomes. Pupils show high levels of comprehension and understanding when reading. Outcomes for pupils are high across the school.


If you wish to know more about our School Action Plan 2018/19 please download the following document.