School Action Plan

Focus Area 1 – The Health Project

This aims of this area are:

  • Children and staff to be educated on the importance of healthy mind and bodies.
  • Strategies for both staff and pupils to assess and improve their well-being.
  • Increase the variety of physical activities to support both physical performance and mental health which will engage all children.
  • Analyse and evaluative school systems for planning, marking and assessing to ensure that expectations of staff and systems being used support impact and Work life balance for staff.

Focus Area 2 – Learning For Life

This aims of this area are:

  • Introduce a whole school system for the identification of key learning skills and characteristics of effective learning.
  • Create an assessment system for key learning skills and characteristics of effective learning that staff use to support planning across the curriculum, pupil self-evaluation and information to parents.
  • Use Blooms Taxonomy and higher order thinking skills, challenge in lessons to underpin all planning and feedback and responding to marking.
  • Using the theory of multiple intelligences create a learning culture and environment that values different types of intelligence.
    Through Family Learning opportunities involve parents in learning opportunities in school and through adult learning courses/activities.

Focus Area 3 – Maths

This aims of this area are:

  • To develop the correct use of mathematical language and vocabulary.
  • To establish an whole School Maths home learning online resource.
  • To further develop the specific foci of interventions and keep up sessions.
  • To embed the use of CPA with a focus on reasoning and explaining to enable confident progress into the abstract.


If you wish to know more about our School Action Plan 2018/19 please download the following document.