School Survey Results

At Mereworth Community Primary School, we occasionally send surveys out to the parents/guardians of our pupils to gauge how well we are doing along with areas we need to improve on. When the results have been collected and analysed, the results will be put up here for you to download and view.

Pupil Survey 2017

We have done another pupil survey and have collated the results for you to see in handy graph format. There were 173 total responses.

To download the files please click below:

Parent Survey Term 6 2016:

Annual Questionnaire for the Academic Year 2015-2016
Dear Parents, thank you for completing the annual questionnaire for last academic year 2015-2016. There were 56 responses as detailed in the table below:

56 Questionnaire responses received by the school
Year R 12
Year 1 13
Year 2 13
Year 3 7
Year 4 6
Year 5 3
Year 6 2

The questionnaire responses received were very positive, with the majority in ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ categories. Many parents also gave written feedback in addition to completing the questionnaire and this was particularly useful, as we identified a number of areas for further improvement in the following categories;

Areas for development identified from comments given:


Positive areas identified from comments given:


Action and information to address these concerns raised:

1. Support/curriculum Information: This school year there will be more workshops and information from school staff throughout the school year. For example we are currently working on developing each subject area tab on the school website to give all parents as much information as possible on how you can support your child at home with links to useful websites. We will also hold subject workshops for example during Term 1 we have organised ‘The Maths Passport’ meeting (Mrs Hearn) and a ‘Helping your child with Reading’ workshop (Mrs Dickinson) that all parents are invited to attend.

2. Communication: We send texts and emails via Teachers2Parents. We will send texts regarding absence from school, Breakfast & After School Club information, outstanding dinner money, general messages from FOMS, school clubs and other school notices and reminders. We will send emails with attachments regarding School Newsletters, Class Trip letters, Class Termly Topic. Curriculum information letters and Club notification. Please also see the school website for further information and for copies of Newsletters and Class Topic/Curriculum information can be found on the ‘Class page.’ It is essential that we have up-to-date email and mobile phone numbers from all parents as Teachers2Parents is the main way that we communicate with you, as we try to reduce the use of paper. This form of communication is in addition to daily face to face contact with parents at the end of the school day, use of the Contact Book and/or making an appointment to see a member of staff at the school. We also have three annual Parent Evenings to discuss your child’s progress in November/March/July.

3. Lack of Sports: At the end of the Summer Term 2016 and during the summer holiday we have arranged for a new Sports company to work with our school and this has enabled us to extend the range of Sports Clubs that we offer. We recently published a list of all the After School Sports Clubs for this school year and this went out with the October Newsletter. In addition to this we have established links with a new Cricket coach and Tennis coach. All of these clubs are in addition to other Sports clubs, events and activities that are offered by our own school staff. Before the end of each Term we will advertise clubs for the Term ahead.

This school year all class teachers will receive professional development and training in all aspects of PE and Sports education during curriculum teaching time. This training is delivered at the point of teaching, with the coach working alongside the teacher during the lesson. We want to ensure that all teaching and learning in PE/Sports is at the highest possible standard.

4. Healthy Eating: I have asked Edward and Ward, our school catering meals provider, to up level information regarding school meals. This company is required to work to the School Meals Nutrition and Food Based Standards and therefore all daily meals and recipes are based around these regulations. The company use fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. This school year we are also planning to work alongside the company to achieve the SILVER award; FOOD FOR LIFE. This covers three key areas; 1. Sourcing environmentally friendly and ethical food. 2. Making healthy eating easy. 3. Championing local food producers.

The popularity of our school meals has significantly grown over the last two academic years with an average of 140 pupils receiving a school meal everyday (2/3 of the children).

We have recently introduced a new initiative of ‘donating a book on your birthday’ as an alternative to bringing in sweets and cakes and I hope that this will receive a positive response and support from all parents.

FOMS and our school staff representatives are working closely together to come up with a wider range of ideas for ‘healthy fundraising activities’ this year, but we do recognise that ‘cake sales’ and other treats throughout the year are also very popular with the school community.

On a positive note we also received high praise and comments in the categories of ‘being a friendly and caring school, communication and contact from school staff, praise for staff and pupils and the management of the school.’

Your questionnaire responses help us to evaluate all the work that we do at the school and provide staff and governors with valuable information. I would like to thank all the parents that have taken the time to complete a questionnaire and for sharing your views.

Finally in order to gain more responses, I would like to provide the annual questionnaire at the start of the Summer Term 2017 (Term 5) to ensure that we receive a higher number of responses from all parents and classes.