School Survey Results

At Mereworth Community Primary School, we send surveys out to the parents/guardians of our pupils to gauge how well we are doing along with areas we need to improve on. When the results have been collected and analysed, the results will be put up here for you to download and view.

Maths No Problem Workshop Feedback

Thank you all for attending our workshop on Maths No Problem, it was a resounding success. We have analysed the feedback forms and here’s the results:

  • 80% found the workshop very useful & 20% found it useful
  • 100% said that they had learnt something new
  • 100% said they felt positive about MnP from what they had learnt in the workshop
  • 0% said that they wanted additional support at this time.

Home Learning Surveys 2017

Here we have the results from the Home learning surveys. To download please click the following links:

Parent Survey 2017

Thank you to all the parents who have taken part in this survey, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response this year and we have compared the results with last year’s survey.

To view the comparison survey click the link below:

To view the whole school response tally click below:

To download the accompanying letter that goes along with this information please click below:

Pupil Survey 2017

We have done another pupil survey and have collated the results for you to see in handy graph format. There were 173 total responses.

To download the files please click below:


Older Downloads: