Swattenden 2015

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Bivvies 2015

Chickens 2015

Crate Stack 2015

Rafting 2015

Swing 2015

Volleyball 2015

Zipline 2015

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17/06/2015- Final Day

Mr Rule came and joined in the fun… dangling from high things and giggling A LOT! We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting muddy and made some good memories over the whole trip. Well done Year 6!

16/06/2015- Second Day

What an amazing day! We all have been on the crate challenge and the zip line. Some have mastered all aboard, and all have done archery and the Swattenden triangle.
In our spare time we have developed our volleyball skills, eaten some fabulous food and had a well deserved good night’s sleep.
Going off to do flag raiders now!

15/06/2015- First Day

Very busy first day! We started with an assault course and everybody got plastered in mud within the first hour. We had a lovely lunch and then did some shelter building and rafting. Several soggy people but no one eaten by a crocodile!