We’ve achieved our Sing Up Gold Award!

Mrs Jones and the pupils have worked so hard and we are delighted to tell you we have now achieved our Sing Up Gold Award! Click this post to find out more.

After putting in lots of work singing and getting involved in concerts, assemblies, and more; we have now achieved the Gold Award! This is a fantastic achievement and we would like to share with you all some of the comments from the application process.

“Lovely to see a child leading some singing, too.”

“Good to see a teacher leading singing with a guitar rather than just using the backing tracks. This makes for great variety and experiences.”

“You have some fantastic talent at the school.”

“Your tea party looked like a fantastic community event…”

“The children certainly look like they enjoy singing.”

“I am impressed with how many soloists in the school you have, and the quality of singing.”

Congratulations to everyone for singing, and keep it up! Here are some lovely photos from our concerts and events to celebrate this amazing award.