Year four


Mr D Mitchell

Teaching Assistant:

Mrs J Mayhew

Mrs Reed (1:1 support PM)

FOMS Spending:

Of the £400 that the FOMS gave each year group in September 2016:

Year 4 have spent £48.00 on class resources.

This information is true as of 4th January 2017, some expenses have still to be processed and the information above will be updated at the end of term 4.


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Here’s some writing by the children
about our Roman Day!

We went outside and Mr Mitchell pretended to be the centurion of the roman army at first we learnt what Dexter means this is start with your right foot and left foot was sinister. Then we did the tortoise which is where you hold a shield in front of you and the rest of the formation put a shield above your head and we walked in that formation up the field and when we had the command percute we charged and attacked the enemy. Then we walked back down the field and there was so more enemy at the stage we pretended to fight them with swords.
-By Freya

We started off at the netball court, there we learnt what Dexter means and what sinister is they are your right and left foot and did a bit of marching. After that we made a tortoise the command for this is testudo it is made up of shields the front people put there shields in front of them and the others put them above their heads. Next we marched up to the field and had the shortest rest ever! Then Mr. Mitchell spotted the enemy on the stage we charged back down and pretended to fight the enemy.
-By Jack

On Wednesday the 19th of October in the afternoon we got changed into are roman cloths. After that we went outside. Then we went to the netball pit and got into lines. Then we started marching round the playground. We walked up to the top of the field and then we came charging down to the imaginary enemy. The enemy were on the stage Mr Mitchell kept on making funny noises.
-By Matilda

And now some pictures!

Today we learnt how to shoot a bow and arrow. This was part of our special curriculum day where we were learning about The Battle of Hasting. First we were given a safety talk and instructions on how to shoot. Mr Mitchell gave a demonstration on how to safely load and shoot the arrow. I managed to hit the target with 2 of my 3 arrows. It was an enjoyable and fun day of learning.
– By Ray.

Year 4 exploring and creating Roman soldiers shields. We researched varies designs and noticed that a Roman shield has a symmetrical pattern. We then designed and painted our own shields.
– By Thomas.