Year one

Class Teacher:

Mrs A Ballard

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs M Reynolds – Full Time

FOMS Spending:

Of the £400 that the FOMS gave each year group in September 2016:

Year 1 have spent £173.00, they have purchased resources and subscription to Adopt a Whale.

This information is true as of 4th January 2017, some expenses have still to be processed and the information above will be updated at the end of term 4.


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Year 1 Curriculum Information:


Maths Overview


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Have a look at these amazing shapes Year 1 have made with straws and modelling clay!

Year 1 have been working hard in Science, classifying different objects!

Year 1 have been really busy learning dance moves, look at the pictures to see how much fun they had learning.

Year 1 had an amazing trip to the London Aquarium! They went on a train all dressed up in their hi-viz jackets, and had a great time looking at and learning about all the sea creatures, fish, and much much more.