Year three


Mrs Delaney

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs S Manklow

FOMS Spending:

Of the £400 that the FOMS gave each year group in September 2016:

Year 3 have spent £141.00 class resources a shelf for their reading area and part funded Stone Age Man visit.

This information is true as of 4th January 2017, some expenses have still to be processed and the information above will be updated at the end of term 4.

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Year 3 Curriculum Information:




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Year 3 designed and made their own bread. We had a range of fruit and chocolate flavoured bread.

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On Monday 3rd July Marion Regan from Hugh Lowe Farm came and gave us a talk about her farm and how to grow strawberries.

Year 3 listened really well, asked some interesting questions and ate a lot of strawberries.

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On Tuesday 28th February Year 3 enjoyed making pancakes and finding out why we have pancake day.

On Tuesday 14th March year 3 went to the Wide Horizons Centre in Horton Kirby to have a Stone Age Experience Day.

We had great fun learning how to be archaeologists. In groups we had to dig in the soil and find artefacts. We found teeth, bones, flint, arrow heads and axe heads.

Next we hunted for our lunch. We learnt how to shoot with a bow and arrow and how to throw a spear. We had to be accurate and hit the animal in the thigh to be able to kill it.

After that we painted in a dark cave using little tea lights to see. It was very dark and was just like the Stone Age people would have to do. We used, mud, charcoal and chalk to make our pictures.

Finally we learnt how to light a fire using flint and a piece of cotton wool. It wasn’t that easy to do.

On Wednesday 25th January Year 3 were visited by a man from the Stone Age. We learnt about how they made their tools, lived and ate as well as how to quietly look for deer before killing them.

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On Wednesday 1st February Year 3 performed their Egyptian Assembly.

They all looked amazing in their costumes.

Well done Year 3!

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Year 3 visited the Egyptian Museum!

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We laid out our coins for our fundraising Gold and Silver Mile!

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We celebrated Children in Need and made our own Pudsey eyepatches for our own bears and toys!

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Shaduf Building

In History we have been learning how the Ancient Egyptians used a Shaduf to get water out of the River Nile.

We made ours using craft straws, plasticene and a cake case. The straws had to balance in a wigwam shape so that the central straw could rotate to retrieve the water from the Nile. The cake case had to be balance with a counter weight to allow for easy lifting.

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Contraction Surgery

We dressed up in our white lab coats, face masks and surgical hats to perform surgery on our list of words.

We carefully cut out the unwanted letters and replaced these gently with a plaster. The plaster acted as the apostrophe so that our words made sense in their contracted form.

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Egyptian Printing

In art we have been looking at block printing and repeating patterns.

We made blocks from foam and cardboard and then printed onto paper or fabric. Glue was put into the paint to stop it drying too quickly.

Before printing onto the paper or fabric we practiced first on scrap paper to ensure we knew what our printing would look like and how much pressure to put on out block.

We think they look very good.