Interventions at Mereworth

At Mereworth Community Primary School, we believe every child has an equal opportunity to succeed. We have many intervention programs in place to help your children be the best that they can be and make sure they have all the right knowledge embedded for success in later life. This ensures those who have specialist requirements and needs are not left behind.

Our interventions are grouped under four main groups, and they are:

  • Motor Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Emotional¬†Wellbeing and Language Development

Each of these sections will be expanded on below.

Motor Skills

  • Clever Fingers (KS1): a play based activity enhancing fine motor skills through manipulation of toys and puzzles.
  • Beam, Beam+, Fizzy (KS1/KS2): a structured activity devised by occupational therapists to develop core muscle stability and strength and enhance gross motor skills.
  • Teodorescu Motor Programme (KS1/KS2): a structured pencil and paper activity devised to develop the fine motor skills necessary for fluid, legible handwriting. The programme is play based, making patterns and fluid shapes, as a precursor to handwriting skills.


  • Plus 1, Power of 2 (KS1/KS2): a systematic approach to building mathematic knowledge and understanding. Emphasis on the use of correct mathematical language in context.
  • Kent Layered Maths (KS1): a 4 tier approach to embedding secure mathematic knowledge.
  • Springboard 6 (KS2- Year 6): a step by step approach to embedding secure mathematical principles and knowledge in Year 6.


  • Word Wasp, Hornet: a structured spelling and handwriting programme. Particularly effective for dyslexic pupils.
  • Toe by Toe: a highly structured step by step approach to decoding words and nonsense words. Develops and enhances decoding skills and fluent reading.
  • Better Reading Principles: a highly structured system which introduces reading texts as a “familiar” book. Pupils work 1:1 with an adult to fully understand the information, images, and structure of the text. Aim to develop fluent reading.
  • Inferential Comprehension: highly structured programmes which develop the “reading for meaning” skills. These skills evolve from verbal answers to well structured, grammatically correct written answers.
  • Read Write Inc: a highly structured reading, writing, and spelling programme. It embeds secure phonic knowledge.
  • Word Shark: a computer based literacy programme that supports and helps secure spellings.

Emotional Wellbeing and Language Development

  • Memory Magic: a research based programme which develops 6 aspects of associative memory skills.
  • In-School Speech and Language Therapy: this is guided by SpeechLink assessments and an in-school therapist.
  • Play Therapy: 1:1 provisions for emotional wellbeing.