Our Staff

Leadership Team

Miss Amanda Lavelle – Head Teacher

Miss Kate Maryon – Deputy Head Teacher

Miss Mary Ovenell, Mrs Alice Pearson – Senior Leadership Team

Support Staff

Mrs Anabela Stephenson – School Business Manager/School Personnel Officer

Mrs Eleanor Beaumont – Admissions and Attendance Officer

Mrs Hilary Hazeltine – Office Admin Assistant

Mrs Carol Spencer – ICT Technician

Mr David Hyder – Senior Caretaker

Lunchtime Teachers

Mrs Sharon Page

Mrs Lisa Homewood

Mrs Catherine Higginson

Mrs Catherine Gillard

Mrs Anna Ryan

Early Years

Mrs Carolyn Knight – Class Teacher

Mrs Cheryl Barge – Class Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Mrs Kelsey Benham – Class Teacher

Mrs Mel Reynolds – Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jo Coombes – Class Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs Alice Pearson – Class Teacher

Mrs Liz Griffifths – Class Teacher

Miss Poppy Whyman – Class Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Miss Mary Ovenell – Class Teacher

Mrs Rebecca Phillips – Class Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mrs Klaire Ford – Class Teacher

Mrs Julia Foy – Class Teacher

Mrs Anna Ryan – Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Catherine Gillard – 1:1 support

Year 5

Mrs Kath Delaney – Class Teacher

Mrs Catherine Higginson – Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lisa Homewood – 1:1 support

Year 6

Miss Kate Maryon – Class Teacher (Monday – Wednesday & 1 session on Thursday morning)

Mrs Nicola Jones – Class Teacher (Thursday morning & Friday)

Mrs Pat Turnbull – Interventions

Mr Rhys Turner – Class Teaching Assistant

PPA and Cover Staff

Mrs Marcella Dunne – HLTA

After School and Breakfast Club

Mrs Kelly Canavan – Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs Katrina Whyman – After School Club Supervisor

Mrs Cheryl Barge – After School Club

Mr Neil Miners – After School Club


We do not have any employees whose gross salary exceeds £100,000.