Remote Education

Windy Nook Primary Remote Learning Plan | Windy Nook Primary School

Remote education is a broad term encompassing any education that happens outside of the classroom/school, with the teacher not present in the same location as the pupils.

Digital remote education, often known as online education, is remote education delivered through digital technologies.

Blended education is mixing face-to-face and remote methods. An example would be flipped learning, where main input happens remotely (e.g. through video), while practice and tutoring happen in class.

During the national lockdown period and ‘class bubble closure’ period, children learning from home will receive ‘remote education’ and ‘digital remote education’ teaching and learning offer.

During this time of national lockdown children attending school will receive a ‘blended education’ teaching and learning offer. Please read our School Policy below to find out more.


To find out about our Remote Education Provision, please click on the document title below:

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