School Survey Results

At Mereworth Community Primary School, we send surveys out to the parents/guardians of our pupils to gauge how well we are doing along with areas we need to improve on. When the results have been collected and analysed, the results will be put up here for you to download and view.

Parent Survey 2020

Thanks to everyone who filled the survey out this year despite the COVID-19 restrictions. The results are now available to view below.

Parent and Pupil Survey 2019

Thanks to everyone who filled the survey out this year, we had 74 responses. We will be using this information to shape how we develop the school over the coming year, and a special thank you to everyone who took the time to give us additional feedback- your comments are extremely helpful.

To download a copy of the parent letter, click the link below:

To view the four year comparison survey, click the link below:

To view just the data for this year, click the link below:

To view the Pupil Survey click the link below:


Parent Survey 2018

Thank you to all the parents who have taken part in this survey, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response this year and we have compared the results with the last two surveys.

To view the three year comparison survey click the link below:

To view the data for this year click the link below:

Values and Mission Statement Survey 2018

Thank you all for returning the survey on our school values and mission statement. The results were as follows regarding the mission statement:


Do you think that the mission statement encapsulates the core purpose of the school?

  • Parents 45 returns: strongly agree = 22, Agree = 23, Disagree = 1
  • Staff 15 returns: strongly agree = 15, Agree = 5
  • Governors 8 returns: strongly agree = 4, Agree = 3, Disagree = 1
  • Y5 & Y6 pupils 57 returns: strongly agree = 42, Agree = 10, Disagree = 5

We have decided to keep our school mission statement as responses were so positive.

“Lasting Learning Experiences for Life”

Our school values:

We had a number of new values suggested and received all of these before finalising our new HIGH FIVE VALUES:

Honesty, Teamwork, Responsibility, Perseverance and Respect.

These core values are at the heart of everything we do at Mereworth.

To download the charts click here:

Maths No Problem Workshop Feedback 2018

Thank you all for attending our workshop on Maths No Problem, it was a resounding success. We have analysed the feedback forms and here’s the results:

  • 80% found the workshop very useful & 20% found it useful
  • 100% said that they had learnt something new
  • 100% said they felt positive about MnP from what they had learnt in the workshop
  • 0% said that they wanted additional support at this time.

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