Term 6 Assembly Awards

The end of term assembly was an amazing opportunity to hear all the amazing things the children have achieved over the course of the year!

First of all we have our Progress Awards- for children who really have made an epic amount of progress throughout this school year.

Year R: William

Year 1: Mihaela

Year 2: Frankie

Year 3: Alf

Year 4: Viktor

Year 5: Jessica

Year 6: James


Then we have our Community Awards- given to children who have either gone above and beyond in supporting the school, be outstanding members of the community here by living out our school values in everything they do, or have truly made a difference in some way.

Year R: Annabelle

Year 1: Finnley

Year 2: Max P

Year 3: Ben

Year 4: Lucy

Year 5: Maddie

Year 6: Otty


Finally we have our Year 6 Acting Oscars! These are given to the children who we think, through a panel of esteemed judges, have shone in the production and given 110% every single time.

They are awarded to…

Mary, James, Albert, and Otty!


Congratulations to everyone this year- you have all worked so hard and we hope you have a fab fantastic Summer Holiday!