The Big Ask!

We will be taking part in “The Big Ask”, a survey set up by the Children’s Commissioner for England. Click this post to find out more!

This is the largest ever survey of children and young people in England. The government will use what you tell them to make changes to our daily lives so that children can life happy, safe, and fulfilled lives and succeed to the best of their potential. The survey will only take you 5-10 minutes, so let’s get asking!

This is what the government have to say about The Big Ask, and how it affects us, as well as privacy concerns:

This is your chance to have your say on the things that matter to you. You can tell us what your life is like, what you want in the future, and anything you think is holding you back.

We’ll use what you say to tell the people who run the country or your local area what you think needs to change to make your life better.

We won’t ask for your name, phone number or email, and we’ll keep what you tell us safe and private – it won’t be shared with anyone else. You don’t have to answer any question if you don’t want to.

Years R and 1 can complete this at home with a parent or guardian’s help, while years 2 to 6 will be doing it during the school day.

For more information, click these links to visit The Big Ask’s FAQ page: