Values Based Education

Having strong morals and values is at the heart of Mereworth School’s ethos. We aim to develop pupils’ skills and attributes to equip them to be Modern Britain’s successful citizens of tomorrow.

Through a safe, secure environment, we encourage everyone to have a voice, all pupils to respect views different from their own and for children to take risks and think critically.

Alongside our focus on developing Growth Mindsets, we have introduced Values Based Education, which highlights a different value each month for pupils to focus on in assemblies, in class and generally around school.

After the staff at Mereworth spent a long time considering important values we would like our pupils to develop and take with them through life, we handed the tricky job of narrowing the values down to 5 core values to our School Council. They very amicably discussed the values they thought were the most important and after a short while had chosen 4 that they agreed on – responsibility, perseverance, kindness and respect. To decide on the final one, they all voted and so loyalty was to be our fifth core value.

After a few years, we decided these values needed updating so we set about doing a survey for all pupils and parents, to see what they thought about the idea. We gathered the results and then tallied them up, and as a school selected the most popular answers- Respect, Teamwork, Perseverance, Responsibility, and Honesty.

We will all be learning these five values and ‘high-5ing’ each other when we see someone demonstrating one of our core values!